A study on sexual desire in monogamous and non-monogamous relationships

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Hi! I am Elīna Kluša from the University of Latvia, and I invite you to participate in a study about human sexual desire.

Study Objective
The purpose of this study is to explore sexual desire in committed monogamous and non-monogamous relationships.
Please, answer all survey questions honestly (all answers are anonymous).
There are no right or wrong answers.
It will take you ~3-5 minutes to complete this survey.

To participate in this study you must be:
18 years or older;
In a committed monogamous or non-monogamous relationship;
In a sexual relationship with the partner/-s, you are answering about. 
Benefits and risks
Although participants won't personally gain from the study, your input will help enhance our scientific grasp of the distinctions in sexual desire within monogamous and non-monogamous relationships.
In some cases, participants may experience discomfort or stress when answering questions about sexual desire, so you have the right to stop at any time.
If you experience a high level of stress, seek professional psychological assistance.

Confidentiality and Data Protection
Data will be processed according to the rules of the General Data Protection Regulation, and the collected data will be presented in a generalized manner.
Participants will be asked to share personal information about their gender, age, relationship status, arrangement, and length. At the end of the survey, it is possible for respondents to leave their email address (not obligatory), so they can be contacted with research results after the study is done. The collected email addresses won't be associated with the data the participant has provided in the survey and will be stored separately. 
Names, surnames, geolocation, addresses, or any other data that could potentially identify the participants will not be collected within the study.
The gathered information will be kept in an anonymized manner, with any identifying details removed automatically.
The results of this study will be published in scientific literature.

Data Controller: Elīna Kluša, email: ek12121@edu.lu.lv
This study has been approved by the Ethics Committee of the University of Latvia, email: etika.ppmf@lu.lv
If you have any questions about this study, please contact me by email: ek12121@edu.lu.lv

Please confirm that:
1. You have read and understand the information included in this document (concerning the purpose, procedure, risks, and benefits of this study).
2. You understand that your participation in this study is voluntary, and declining to participate or withdrawing from the study will not result in any negative outcomes.
3. You are informed about the purpose of data processing and the extent to which your personal information will be handled.
4. You agree that, during this study, your personal data (mentioned in the study information before) will be collected, stored, and processed.